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GREETINGS; THANK YOU FOR VIEWING OUR WEBSITE---- Japanese “mini-trucks” are part of the “Kei class” of vehicles which translates into English as “small” or “light weight.” They are EXTREMELY popular throughout the world, not well known in the USA---- but ARE GROWING quickly here in popularity. Their origination in Japan was almost 60 years ago so their development and DEPENDABILITY is tried and true. These trucks are highly VERSITILE, very ECONOMICAL and offer numerous ADVANTAGES over what might be considered their “competitors” here in the States. In actuality, there is only one manufacturer in the States that comes close to these units for PERFORMANCE and but at a cost that is a minimum of DOUBLE the cost of our units. Whether you are interested in a mini-truck for your FARM needs, RECREATIONAL needs, or on-site purposes such as an INDUSTRIAL complex, GOLF course, MUNICIPALITY use, HUNTING purposes ---- their versatility is really only limited by your IMAGINATION. These trucks have most of the FEATURES of the US built full size trucks---- but at a fraction of the cost; 4 WHEEL DRIVE (some with hi/low options), HEAT, AIR, AIR BAGS, RADIO (optional), TURNING SIGNALS, WINDSHIELD WIPERS, EPA certified for US use, 660 CC engines/ 45 HP (+/-), AUTOMATIC or MANUAL transmissions----- and MUCH more. The most popular styles are a “straight truck” with fold down sides/ rear gate; a very popular “dump” truck; a “king cab” truck plus other models that can be special ordered from us. You need to REMEMBER--- these are EVERYDAY, FUNCTIONAL, DEPENDABLE, ECONOMICAL, HIGHLY USEFUL vehicles that are scattered everywhere throughout the world. Our company is UNIQUE in that we SPECIALIZE in NEW UNITS or nearly NEW / ‘DEALER DEMO’ units. If you so choose to buy one of ours- ----- you’ll probably NEVER wear it out. Again, THANKS for viewing our website—hope you stop in and say hello---- Bill Straley, MINI TRUCKS OHIO, LLC 419-203-4616

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